Sholla Training Center is determined to empower its trainees with the necessary knowledge of real world. 

By the end of all specialized trainings, our trainees will be technologically skilled and capable. They will be competent, effective and efficient enough to run the infrastructure in their work place. The courses are designed to fill any gap one can experience at his or her future career path.

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All Advance IT trainings contain

Preparatory Essential
Major Training
Professional Placement

Important Points

The fast truck training is meticulously designed to feed you the cream of the subject in the field by practicing professionals. For instance most people,  who completed the MS SQL Server Admin. training have become successful in acquiring their dream job. This was not achieved easily.

In addition to the well crafted course you take at Sholla,


  • You need to budget close to 20 hours a week of your time for assignments and follow-ups.
  • Make sure that you have a basic understanding of how computer works and don’t shy to request refreshment support if you need one.
  • Upon successful completion of the training you will be required to take a Sholla final exam.
  • This will help your Mentor to evaluate your understanding of the course.
  • For those who score the required points, a Sholla Certificate will be awarded concluding the first phase of your journey.

The Professional Placement Assistance will follow. The mentoring includes, various steps starting from Certification preparation all the way to final resume posting.


Attentively following your class, timely completion of assignments and tirelessly investing your time are among the secrets of success for your  fast track professional achievement. Should you have any technical or administrative issues don’t hesitate to contact the front desk or call the office number, e mail us at any time. Use the suggestion box or contact us form, we will listen!

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