Integration Solutions

Sholla Computing Integration Solutions Team skillfully combines today’s best-of-breed technologies into tightly integrated systems that meet or exceed customer specifications for quality, performance and flexibility. We provide economical and professional integration services at every stage of the systems life cycle, from design to development through implementation and support. Our comprehensive suite of Enterprise Integration services delivers an end-to-end solution that addresses the four critical elements of business operations: business, people, process and IT. We design and deliver measurable results and rapid ROI, and strike the right balance between business and IT needs. Our three integration solutions include:

Enterprise Application Integration Solution

Application integration provides end-to-end and real-time connectivity between internal e-business applications, existing web-based applications and off-the-shelf software products. Application integration allows users to send messages and files back and forth between systems, transforming those messages and automating the business process that make companies work. The true benefit of internal application integration is that it allows businesses to automate and manage end-to-end business processes that involve both human and electronic operations.

B2B Application Integration

B2B application integration connects systems and automates business processes across company boundaries using the Internet. It allows businesses of all sizes to securely and efficiently communicate and transact with partners, customers and vendors. Through B2B application integration businesses can automate the expensive error-prone process of buying and selling of products. As a result businesses can reduce operating cost and focus on supporting customers and selling products. Whether it’s directly between businesses or through intermediaries like marketplaces and exchanges, B2B integration makes the entire supply chain work much more smoothly. For small businesses, that do not need a full featured B2B application server, we integrate commercially available off-the-shelf software products with existing web-based applications.

Data Integration Solution

Would you like to streamline your business, increase productivity and add value to your company’s infrastructure? Are you ready to transform your corporate information into an easy to access database system? Discover the power of data integration with Data Integration Solutions.
Our Microsoft/Oracle Certified Database Administrators will decrease your overhead by consolidating your business data through a central management point. Our solutions include a variety of dashboard and report for accessing data throughout the enterprise, across multiple departments. Data Integration Solutions team will work with you to determine the best BI solution for your company.
Integration Technologies
Sholla has proven experience with application integration using many commercially available middleware solutions. Our capabilities in application integration include:


  • Traditional application integration (API, middleware, Application wrapping, ODBC, JDBC) complemented by in-depth knowledge of ERP, SCM, CRM, SRM, data warehousing and e-commerce.
  • Cross platform technology application development, implementation and maintenance
  • Distributed Object Technology (CORBA’s IIOP, COM/DCOM, ORB)
  • XML based custom B-2-B integration and EDI.
  • Internet technologies (Web services, WCF, security)
  • Enterprise Bus, Biztalk, ESB toolkit, SOA BUS, JAVA ESB