MS SQL Database Administration

Business Intelligence Developer

MS SQL Server offers cutting edge and sophisticated platform for enterprise data management.
Organizations rely on database administrators who know how to manage their mission-critical databases correctly. This course offers the essential skills you need to administer SQL Server.
  • Design, build and use a relational database
  • Normalize and denormalize your data to optimize performance
  • Work with integrity constraints
  • Write Transact-SQL queries to retrieve and manipulate data
  • Create and administer SQL Server databases
  • Secure, back up and monitor databases with Management Studio
  • Replicate data over multiple servers with merge replication
  • Ensure SQL Server security with logins, roles, users and permissions
  • Develop backup strategies and recover from disasters
  • Leverage SQL Server Agent to automate administrative tasks
  • Isolate and repair fragmentation and database corruption
  • Leverage SQL Server technologies to achieve high-availability solutions
  • Plan, prepare and install a SQL Server failover cluster
  • Mirror a database to ensure instant failover
  • Ensure business continuity through failover clusters
  • Implement a high-performance SQL Server database solution
  • Leverage SQL Server core components to maintain critical data
  • Insure query plan reuse
  • Build transactions that maximize concurrency and minimize contention
  • Interpret the data access plans produced by the query optimizer
  • Minimize I/O by designing efficient physical data structures
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